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Company Description Stand no.
Aarstiderne Visit Aarstiderne and get an insight into all our vegan products. At the fair, we offer an exclusive offer, namely a 25% discount on the first meal box. 64
BambooX The world's most sustainable Christmas tree. Modular design in the quality-conscious Scandinavian design tradition. Multifunctional, only the imagination sets limits to the possibilities of use. Co2 negative designed to last min 20 years. 31
Belly food Bellyfood develops and sells tube meals from natural ingredients. As the first in Europe, we have developed an organic and vegan tube meal. Bellyfood is about giving people with tubes the opportunity to have meals made from real food and good ingredients. Meals that provide sensory experiences and that include the tube eater in the meal situation on an equal footing with the rest of the family. 42
Bælg With carefully selected ingredients, our organic confectionery Hapsere is an ambitious and dedicated attempt to make more sustainable confectionery. We use organic Danish legumes because it is both good for the biodiversity in the fields and because it tastes heavenly in combination with dark chocolate. The use of Danish legumes is at the same time innovative and down-to-earth. That is why we have chosen to call our confectionery Klimasød®. 46
Casheury Casheury is a vegan creamery based in the south of Sweden. Using traditional cheesemaking techniques and minimal ingredients we produce creamy, aged and mould-ripened cheeses. 14
CONTEMPHERARY CONTEMPEHRARY offers high-quality organic Nordic Tempeh. Award-winning and tasty varieties of tempeh, made from Danish ingredients such as horse beans, split peas, grain, hemp and seaweed. 68
Danish Camelina Camelina a new, but also old, crop in Denmark. Camelina seeds and Camelina oil are full of good and nutritious ingredients. Mild and fresh taste. Camelina can withstand heating and has a long shelf life. Danish Camelina is grown locally in West Zealand. Come and taste 10
Vegetarian Society of Denmark At DVF's stand you can hear more about our work, become a member, buy books and quizzes. 47
DAVA Foods Denmark DAVA Foods works with eggs, but since 2021 has expanded its business with a number of Danish, organic seeds and kernels and several 100% plant-based products, including a pesto and umami topping.



Drinks stand Here you can buy soft drinks, juices and smoothies from Naturfrisk. 45
Dyrenes Alliance Dyrenes Alliance is a youth association that fights for a just world for all animals. At our stand, we help people get started, to become active in the fight for a plant-based future. 27
The animals' Christmas scratch calendar We raise money for Denmark's animals in need, through the annual sale of the Animal Christmas Scratching Calendar. Support the animals and win great gift cards. 33
Effective Altruism Denmark

Sign up for our Alternative Protein Impact Program! Effective Altruism Denmark wants to help you make the biggest positive impact in the world via your career. We focus on some of the world's biggest problems, including animal welfare. We support the development of plant-based and alternative proteins.


Farm factory

Farmfactory is a project started by a group of placed young people who wanted to try their hand at entrepreneurship. We are located on an idyllic farm in Sorø and had the opportunity to grow chickpeas, which we saw potential in. As far as we know, there are not many others but us who produce chickpeas in Denmark.

Our chickpeas are grown under biodiverse conditions, as they have shared the field with wheat and wild weeds for the sake of the bees. This has inspired us to the slogan “bee friendly. Our goal with Farmfactory is for us young people to become more independent and have something concrete to concentrate on and be proud of.



Hanegal Description coming soon 62
Cacao tree 100% vegan-organic-handcrafted Chocolate made with love and respect towards our Mother Earth. The cacao beans are sourced in direct trade with organic farms and then sailed by sailboat, using the only power of the wind all the way to Europe!



KlimaMad.DK KlimaMad.DK takes the best elements from the world of ecology, sustainability & the plant-based world - and brings it together in a brand new growing food category: 'Climate Friendly Food'. KlimaMad.DK selects plant-based & organic foods that either grow wild in nature and are collected by hand or are grown according to very gentle hand cultivation methods that support increased biodiversity and the planet's species richness with the least possible CO2 emissions in the entire process from 'Nature to Table'.



København Kombucha København Kombucha's award-winning bubbles are delicate and vinous. The bubbles, the vinous depths and unique flavor composition are achieved by a special double fermentation method – similar to the champagne method. Depending on the variety, flavors such as citrus, apple, pear, flowers, rose etc. are obtained. The bubbles can be enjoyed in situations where you don't really want alcohol, but retain the enjoyment of sparkling wines and champagnes.  40
Le Petit Chef Le Petit Chef makes baby meals from Danish raw materials with Danish production
With Le Petit Chef, our mission is to create balance in the children's bodies and minds through gastronomic and nutritious meals. All dishes are created by experienced Michelin chefs in the old-fashioned way and satisfy little tummies and give adults extra time for everyday life - without compromising on quality.
Le Trang Danish organic tofu from Lê Trang. Made from EU soybeans and contains only three ingredients.
Four variants; Natural, Lemongrass/chili, Danish sugar seaweed, Smoked.
Mac Ferments mac.ferments is the largest producer of miso (fermented bean paste) in Denmark. With years of experience in the restaurant industry and with fermentation, Mac Krol (owner) is on a mission to share open source information about fermented foods and spread the love for umami products. The company has a portfolio of over 15 varieties of miso, many of them organic.  38
Ma-Mam Ma-Mam is a new Danish organic freeze-dried and nutritious vegetable puree for babies from 4 months. The vegetable mash only needs to be added to boiling water to be ready, and contributes to reducing food waste, as you can dose the portion size yourself.



Mamasdaal My name is Una, a genuine health enthusiast, and I have teamed up with my Mama, the spice master, to spread Christmas joy in Denmark. We want to give you the opportunity to experience Denmark's tastiest local dishes. The food area
Matr Foods Matr Foods makes organic fungi steaks from mushroom-fermented Danish legumes and vegetables with a unique texture and depth of flavor completely without additives. Come and taste 58
MayMays MayMays produces snacks in South Funen, and their snacks, MayMays Munchies, are inspired by the snack culture in India. The goal from the very beginning has been to make clean label snacks, with such a good taste and crunchy structure that it fully satisfies the urge to snack. 50
Mill & Mortar Visit Mill & Mortar and find inspiration for how you can give green dishes an unashamedly good taste with our spices. At the fair, you get an extraordinary 25% discount on our entire range. Our Food Waste Shop is also open while stocks last. 66
Naturli 'Foods Welcome to NATURLI '- where we do our best to create a positive change for the earth, by making the best plant-based products on the planet. We're pretty good at it because we've been doing it since 1988! 25
NODA Copenhagen NODA (not a soda) is the green and genuine alternative to the usual soft drinks. NODA has replaced refined sugar, sweeteners and additives with organic fruit and nothing else. Their products are only lightly sweetened with pressed fruit, so the taste is fresh and mouth-watering and the calories low, in a completely natural way. 22
Nordic Quinoa Nordic Quinoa is a company that develops and sells plant-based and organic foods based on Danish organic quinoa, which is grown on Funen. Our vision in Nordic Quinoa is that we want to create positive changes in the food industry and inspire consumers to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Nordic Quinoa makes, among other things, beer and crisp bread with quinoa. 36
Pierre's Original A completely different type of chili sauce made with the best ingredients. Organic and without e-numbers. Produced in Andalusia to be close to where the crops are grown. 56
The plant industry The plant industry is Denmark's only – and Europe's largest – industry association for plant-based foods. As a mouthpiece for Denmark's most progressive companies, which will be at the forefront of the development towards more sustainable food production, the Plant Branchen works purposefully to put the plant-based industry in the spotlight. Built on the vision of making the world greener through food, we bring together the plant-based value chain in one association to strengthen the industry's position and impact. 35
Planteslagterne The plant butchers produce and sell organic plant-based products with a focus on taste, quality and sustainability.  70
Planteslagternes Food Truck Planteslagterne make green food that can be tasted. With a focus on pure ingredients, they develop alternatives to meat with the vegetable in focus, for a flavor experience that is not imitating meat, but which still gets the whole flavor palette around. The focus is on the good taste experience, which is still as tasty as a burger should be and where everyone with a penchant for meat also gets a good experience. The food area
Plant Mate by Organic Plant Protein Plant Mate is our trademark and our company is called Organic Plant Protein. Plant Mate is 100% organic and completely additive-free. The raw materials are peas and horse beans. At the fair on 5 and 6 November, we will be holding workshops that you can sign up for - and a non-stop demo kitchen where you can stop by and taste and see how easy it is to work with the Plant Mate products. We also give out recipe booklets while stocks last and have special fair offers that you can buy to take home. We look forward.




Pods of Beans At Pods of Beans, sustainability, ethical production conditions and pure raw materials are strong and central to everything we do. Based on this passion, we have gathered around our own "cocoa universe". Our ambition at Pods of Beans is to spread knowledge about the properties and origins of cocoa bean. We offer 4 flavors of cocoa spreads, cocoa drink, cocoa shot, cocoa powder and cocoa mass, which are 100% vegan, gluten- and lactose-free and without palm oil.



Pure Dansk Behind Pure Dansk are the sisters Astrid and Malene Søgaard, 8th generation of a farm in Djursland. Together with Danish farmers, Pure Dansk grows organic dried peas, lentils and beans. The path of legumes from farm to table takes place in Denmark. Legumes are fantastic for both our health and the climate. They are a good climate-friendly source of dietary fiber and protein, and at the same time the leguminous plant itself helps to improve the soil conditions for itself and other plants. At you can find over 200 free recipes with plenty of inspiration for everything from everyday food to baked goods and sweets with Danish legumes.  8
Raw Culture At Raw Culture, we produce uncompromising kombucha, and we have a desire to make the good choice the easy choice. Our kombucha is unpasteurized, organic and brewed with natural ingredients. Come by and have a bubbly and tasty experience. 12
Rootly At Rootly, we make sustainable and organic products that make better use of the earth's resources. We reduce food waste by using unprocessed surplus vegetables, i.e. vegetable pulp, from FRANKLY JUICE, as the main ingredient in our products. We make convenience products that are easy for the consumer to prepare – and at the same time tasty – with plenty of fresh, clean vegetables and organic spices.




Rømer Vegan RØMER VEGAN is a series of organic plant-based products, made from scratch and from the best, fresh ingredients. 7
Seda's Plant kitchen Sedas Plantekøkken produces gourmet plant-based spreads such as salty and sweet hummus and nut butter, made with nutritious, high-quality ingredients and filled in reusable glass jars. We want to bring a fresh breeze to the Danish spread market to give consumers a taste experience that is worth sharing with their loved ones. 32
Simple Greens Description coming soon 52
Snebjørk's plant food Snebjørk's plant-based food is the result of a great love for plant-based cuisine, our beautiful planet and its biodiversity. In Snebjørk's food universe you will find both organic products, recipes and food workshops. At the stand you can buy organic goods such as nuts, dried fruit and chocolate, and get a recipe to take home. 21
The Organic Crave Company A genuine snacking revolution! The Organic Crave develops and offers organic and vegan snacking products, which are also gluten-free and with a high protein content. Our goal is to create snacking products with meaning for you and nature. 6
Tiny Gardens Tiny Gardens are small indoor kitchen gardens for growing microgreens. In just one week, you can grow healthy and delicious sprouts yourself in a Danish, sustainable design. 24
Raffle In the Danish Vegetarian Association's raffle, you can buy cheap lottery tickets and be lucky to win delicious plant-based prizes, e.g. from the participating companies at the fair. 23/13
Turbine Forlag Plant-based cookbooks by Anette Hoeg Nielsen (Mad med Glød) and Thomas Erex (Kærlighed & Kikærter, GO' Morgen Danmark). Find inspiration for green cooking. The authors sell their books at a good price. 41
Uhhmami The future is plant-based, Uhhmami brings the flavor to the table. Uhhmami is a vegan brand that transforms classic dishes we all know and love into delicious, plant-based alternatives. Uhhmami is not about imitating the elements of meat-based flavors, but rather reinventing them to create brand new flavors using fresh, organic and clean ingredients. Come and taste all the products for free, and there are lots of offers if you want to buy the award-winning products home 9
ØNSK ØNSK stands for serving the coffee at the Organic Plant Based Expo. ØNSK is organic specialty coffee directly from the farmers in the mountains of Nicaragua & Peru. It is freshly roasted in Copenhagen, B-Corp certified and it just tastes good. When you buy a cup of coffee, you also support DVF with DKK 3. 76