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This is a preliminary program and changes may occur

Saturday 5 November

10:30 Welcome
11:00 What's up and down about plant-based diet and health?
– Q&A with clinical dietitian Maria Felding and doctor Tobias Schmidt Hansen
12:00 How do we make the shopping cart more plant-based?
– Panel discussion with Thomas Roland (Coop), Kenneth Fredslund Hansen (Salling Group), Ahmed Abdallah (Lidl Denmark) & Jakob Lamm Zeuthen (
12:45 Plant-based Supermarket of the Year and Plant-based Products of the Year
- Join us in celebrating the winners
13:10 Political debate
14:00 Can we manage to save Danish nature - and the planet? 
– Debate with Martin Keller (head of world language and former TV host), Anders Morgenthaler (artist and climate activist) and Louise Køster (Organic National Association)
15:00 How to become a Sustainable Badass
– Presentation by Gittemarie Johansen (influencer and sustainability expert)
16:00 How do we help even more startups develop the food of the future?
- Hear about Coop Crowdfunding's work with plant-based startups

Sunday 6 November 

10:30 “Guess a piece of shit”
– With Martin Keller (former host on Naturpatruljen, DR)
11:15 Organic Plant-based Startup of the Year
- Vote for the one you think should get the award and join in celebrating the winner
12:05 This is how we replace meat in all everyday dishes with Danishly produced proteins from peas and horse beans
– Presentation by Ulrich Kern-Hansen from Organic Plant Protein
13:00 Casper & Monopolet answer your dilemmas
– With Vicki Berlin (actor), Søren Bregendal (actor, entrepreneur), Thomas Erex (cookbook author) and as host Casper Christiansen (Plantetinget)
14:00 Legumes are looking for love
– With Trine Krebs (legume enthusiast, Food Organization of Denmark), Søren Ejlersen (Aarstiderne) and Tobias Noe Harboe (Contempehrary).
15:00 Can a more plant-based diet have a preventive and therapeutic effect?
– Presentation by Stig Ladefoged, The Plant-Based Nurse
16:00 Inspiration for vegan cakes
- With Mia Sommer and Alberte Stengaard

Your hosts will be DVF's general secretary Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl and DVF's head of world goals Martin Keller.